How to Feed a Human with Dr. Robyn and Russ

Robyn and Russ Whole Food Muscle

August 19, 2019Marc Zirogiannis is joined on the podcast by Dr. Robyn Odegaard and Russ Bruzzano, the founders of the Whole Food Muscle Club.  They are the authors of a new book, How to Feed a Human: The Whole Food Muscle WayThey discuss understanding people’s relationship to food as part and parcel of embarking on a plan to achieve maximum health and fitness through diet and exercise. 

As former competitors in volleyball and bodybuilding, respectively, Dr. Robyn and Russ understand the real challenges Taekwondo athletes and martial artists face on an ongoing basis.  These challenges include “cutting weight” for a tournament, or simply optimizing health and performance.  They provide practical solutions to bridging “the gap between WHAT you WANT to do and knowing HOW to actually do it.”

Taekwondo Life Magazine’s listeners have, historically, responded well to our programs on nutrition and exercise.  We try to speak to experts, in the field, that can advise on healthy ways to prepare for competition and maintain optimal health.  Dr. Robyn and Russ are a great resource for martial artist and people looking to improve their diet and health.

Listen carefully to discover “How to Feed a Human with Dr, Robyn and Russ.”  Even the seasoned athlete will learn something in this important episode.

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