Valerie Loureda Is A Legitimate Force

Master Valerie Loureda’s Defeat of Larkyn Dasch in Bellator 222

July 29, 2019-New York, NY-

Valerie Loureda is a Legitimate Force

On June 14, 2019 Master Valerie Loureda proved to the Mixed Martial Arts world that she is a legitimate force to be reckoned with.  Loureda, on only 8 weeks notice, engaged in her 2nd professional bout in six months, at Bellator 222.  In that fight she outlasted and outfought her opponent, Larkyn Dasch, for a decisive and unanimous 3 round decision on the biggest stage in professional sports, Madison Square Garden.

Taekwondo Life Magazine Was Ringside for the Fight

Taekwondo Life Magazine’s host and Editor, Marc Zirogiannis, joined by Master Edward Park, 6th Dan Taekwondo Master, sat ringside, on press row for the evening’s event.  This unusual episode was recorded at MSG to highlight the fighter’s entrance, fight highlights, the victory announcement, and the post-fight press conference during the progress of the evening’s events.   The hope is that the lister will get a realistic sense of the adrenaline and excitement felt during this great fight.

In the 3 rounds, while Loureda was not able to knock out her opponent, she did not appear to tire.  Cardio conditioning is an integral part of Taekwondo training.  Master Loureda delivered a series of well executed Taekwondo strikes and kicks in the match.   Dasch appeared frustrated throughout as she attempted to land some decisive blows on Loureda but was unable to make contact.

To Listen to the Fight Recap in Episode 22:

Marc Zirogiannis HeadshotMarc Zirogiannis-Editor-in-Chief, 3rd Dan Black Belt, and host of Taekwondo Life Magazine’s Podcast.



Valerie Loureda, all smiles in the Press Conference following her victory in Bellator 222

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