A Look at Geek Wing Chun Inc.



While our base is Taekwondo, our readers often have an interest in other styles and to hear from other practitioners in the martial arts universe. ¬†We recently sat down with Steve Grogan, the founder of a unique, “train at home” system called Geek Wing Chun Inc.

1. Steve, tell our readers about yourself and your background?

I am 42 years old, and I began studying Wing Chun in 1995. I got as far as learning all 3 empty hand forms and the wooden dummy form before life got in the way of being able to afford tuition. I have learned primarily in the Ip Ching lineage, although now I am learning the Leung Sheung lineage.

2. What is Geek Wing Chun Inc?

Geek Wing Chun Inc. is my way of helping out others who might be like me. They might want to improve their skills, but they don’t know how to come up with a home training system. This will give them tips and ideas.

3. Is this a replacement for their regular training?

No. The routines I give online CANNOT replace training in person, especially since so much of Wing Chun is based on sensitivity. You can’t feel things through a video, so you still need to attend a class.

4. Why is your course superior to other “train at home courses”?

I think it’s because, again, I am not saying you can learn Wing Chun from my videos. I am just saying there are ways to get creative so you can train at home. In other words, I am helping people improve the skills that they are already building while under the guide of a certified Wing Chun instructor.

5. How can our readers find out more about Geek Wing Chun Inc.?

Write to me, geekwingchun@gmail.com
Check out the website, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter links.



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