Taekwondo Dignitaries Tour New York

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April 2018-  Last week, Taekwondowon’s official Acting Secretary General, Kim Byung Yong, Assistant Kim Yong and Kim Jin Hong visited New York as part of a mission to educate the Taekwondo Community about Muju’s Taekwondo Mecca.

These dignitaries visited West Point’s Taekwondo Club, as well as the International Leadership High School‘s Taekwondo class, which has 300 practicing students.

These visits were followed by a Masters meeting to discuss the development of Taekwondowon.  Grandmasters included, former US Olympic Coach, Yeon Hwan Park, Soo Kim. Young Hwan Kimand Dong Keun Park.

This mission is expected to be part of an international effort to connect the, almost 200, countries practicing Taekwondo and make Taekwondowon an essential destination for traveling practitioners around the globe.

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