Featured Book: The Ultimate Taekwondo Workout Book

February 10, 2017-


Taekwondo is the most widely practiced martial art in the world. Many of the elements of this 2000 year old, Korean martial art have remained timeless and unchanged through the centuries. However, with the proliferation of Taekwondo as an Olympic Sport, the speed, stamina, and strength required for athletes to compete on a high level has increased greatly. While Dojang practice is invaluable to the modern practitioner, so is the implementation of supplemental workout routines designed to enhance competitive Taekwondo performance. From the leading Taekwondo author in the world today, Marc Zirogiannis, The Ultimate Taekwondo Workout Book offers a series of routines and exercises designed, specifically, for today’s competitive Taekwondo practitioner. These routines were constructed with the feedback from some of the leading personal and fitness trainers in the world today. Practitioners using these routines will see results!

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