February 2016 Issue Hits Newsstands This Week

January 18, 2017-


The February 2017 Issue of Taekwondo Life Magazine hits newsstands in print and digital versions this week.  This issue Features

-The Stars of Kang Duk Won

-John Kerwin interviews Wesam Keesh

-Bill “Superfoot” Wallace Taekwondo Connection

-Ludi Lin is The New Black Power Ranger

-The 2016 NY Open Photo Spectacular

-State Dojang Directory

-Dave Young’s Educating Your Dojang Staff

-Meditating Your Way to Good Health

-Beginner’s Guide to Selecting a Dojang

-An Op/Ed by Grandmaster Herb Perez

-WTF Special Featuring ParaTKD Athlete Viktoria Marchuk


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