Jackie Chan’s RIDE ON is a Fun Family Film

Jackie Chan’s RIDE ON is a Fun Family Film

Jackie Chan’s RIDE ON is a Fun Family Film

October 13, 2023 (NYC)- Jackie Chan’s RIDE ON is a fun family film.  A look at Ride On , a family oriented, poignant, action film of Chinese origin available on October 24, 2023.  Here is a synopsis and review of this Well Go USA Entertainment release.


After debt collectors attempt to seize the beloved stunt horse of washed-up aging stuntman Luo (Jackie Chan), video of the dynamic duo’s daring escape goes viral on social media, immediately reviving Luo’s movie career. But in the midst of this triumphant return to film, the furious debt collectors return with a court order that no amount of fame—or acrobatic antics—can help the pair evade.


Ride On has the distinction of being an international Jackie Chan film that has something for everyone.   For hardcore Jackie Chan fans it has its share of martial arts, stunt choreography, and comedic interludes.   However, it is a family friendly film that has a poignant and powerful message about love and family.  Finally, it has a stunt horse, and everyone loves a horse that can act and do stunts.

Larry Yang did a create job creating the story of a down and out, fictional stunt man that is modeled, in many ways, after Chan himself.   In fact, the film pays such deep homage to Chan’s work that many of the scenes incorporate Chan’s style and fight choreography.   More significantly, the film walks the razor’s edge by using historical film clips and injury outakes of Chan’s real life, but still maintaining its fictitious persona.  Under this guise the audience is getting a Jackie Chan film that, simultaneously, pays homage to Chan’s own career.

Chan has matured as an actor and he does a good job here playing the role of a man coming to grips with his age, his family struggles, and his financial hardships.   He is very good in this role and he is very likable.  Lia Haocun is, particularly, good as his estranged daughter with a legal mind.  She is so good that many international social media outlets were sharing a scene from the film and identifying her as his actual daughter.

As the film pays tribute to the legacy of Jackie Chan, it was great to see Wu Jing and Shi Yanngeng in the roles of model cinematic characters, which they actually are.

While the film is family friendly, it is not a children’s movie.   It has something for adults and children, and the themes are very adult and serious, despite some funny scenes.  There is plenty of action and adventure for the viewer looking for more than simply a tribute film, or just a family friendly animal picture.  There is a martial arts, action film very much alive in Ride On.

The real star of the film is the horse.   He is well trained and fun to watch on screen.  Chan’s paternal relationship with him transcends the ordinary, and is executed in a powerful, heartfelt, and moving way.  This is the heart of the film.

While this film is Chinese made for a Chinese audience, it does have international appeal.   If you are lover of Jackie Chan, and appreciate his voluminous archive of work, you will like this a lot.  However, you don’t need to know anything about Jackie Chan to appreciate and enjoy this move.  I liked it a lot, and I recommend it.

The film is in Mandarin with English Subtitles.


The Martial Arts Action-Comedy Written & Directed by Larry Yang Debuts on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD October 24th.

The film contains English subtitles.

review by Master Marc Zirogiannis



Jackie Chan

Liu Haocun
Kevin Guo
Wu Jing
Yu Ailei
Joey Yung
Yu Rongguang
Andy On


Larry Yang

Run Time:          126 Minutes

Rating:               Not Rated

Country of Origin:    China

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