Wolf Pack is a Fun Time

Wolf Pack is a Fun Time

Wolf Pack is a Fun Time


September 6, 2023 (NYC)Wolf Pack is a Fun Time.  A Look at Wolf Pack, an action film of Chinese origin available now on Digital. Here is a synopsis and review of this Well Go USA Entertainment release.


While seeking answers about his father’s suspicious death, a tactically trained physician infiltrates a mercenary group and soon uncovers a dangerous international conspiracy that could threaten the lives of millions of civilians.


Wolf Pack is an international action thriller coming out of the Chinese film market. A young doctor is kidnapped by a group of, seemingly, heartless mercenaries and enlisted into service.

As the facts come to light we learn that the doctor’s enlistment is not random and the mercenaries not so heartless. The unwinding of the secret of their connection is set against the backdrop of an international terrorist conspiracy that the group must diffuse in order to save the lives of millions of civilians.

This is a fun and fast moving action film. It has plenty of action, combat fighting, special effects, and gun violence. However, it also has many of themes of similar Chinese action films. Themes of brotherhood, patriotism, and just cause are interwoven throughout the fabric of this fun film.

While the film is not a top tier action film it is highly watchable. The dynamics of the “A Team” like mercenaries, and their “more than meets the eye” personality make the movie better than the sum of its parts.  Max Zhang and Aarif Lee are, particularly strong in this one.

The film is in Mandarin with English Subtitles.


Wolf Pack, an action film of Chinese origin available now on Digital

The film contains English subtitles.

review by Master Marc Zirogiannis



Max Zhang
Aarif Lee
Jiang Luxia
Liu Ye
Zhang Yi
Gianluca Zoppa


Michael Chiang

Run Time:          105 Minutes

Rating:               Not Rated

Country of Origin:    China

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