Project Wolf Hunting is One Crazy Ride- Feb. 2023


December 23, 2022 (NYC)-Project Wolf Hunting is One Crazy Ride (2023).  A Look at Project Wolf Hunting. Project Wolf Hunting, an action, Sci-fi film of South Korean origin hitting US Blue Ray, Digital, and DVD sales on February 14th. Here is a synopsis and review of this Well Go USA Entertainment release.

Project Wolf Hunting is One Crazy Ride (2023)
Project Wolf Hunting is One Crazy Ride (2023)


Project Wolf Hunting –While under heavily armed guard, the dangerous convicts aboard a cargo ship unite in a coordinated escape attempt that soon escalates into a bloody, all-out riot. But as the fugitives continue their brutal campaign of terror, they soon discover that not even the most vicious among them is safe from the horror they unknowingly unleashed from the darkness below deck.



Project Wolf Hunting is One Crazy Ride.  It is impossible to discuss the details of this film without giving spoilers so I will not provide too many facts about the plot and storyline.   Project Wolf Hunting is a hyper violent, science fiction, action film that is a lot of fun to watch.

The story surrounds an attempt to transport extradited, deadly prisoners from the Philippines to Korea on a ship secured by the authorities for that purpose.   Through a series of incidents the prisoners manage to get free, and seek to take over the ship.   This  part of the film is solid, bloody and violent cops and robbers action, which is very gripping and well done.  The psychotic nature of some of the prisoners makes the revolt particularly gruesome. Had this been the entire plot of the movie I think it would have been shorter, but still very good.Project Wolf Hunting is One Crazy Ride (2023)

After one hour into the film it takes a turn into the realm of science fiction in a way that I didn’t see coming, was very resistant to, but ended up really getting engrossed in.  It ratchets up the violence and blood in the film to a level rarely seen in modern action and sci-fi.  

While you need to suspend belief to enjoy this one, it is not hard.  The action, direction,and cinematography all make for a visually engrossing thrill ride.  The characters are all interesting and the actors do a good job of “buying in” to the storyline and subplot.  The one thing guaranteed as you progress in this one is that anything can and will happen.

The action and fight sequences are plentiful and fun to watch; although, I am not sure there is as much blood in the human body and the filmmakers seem to display.

Project Wolf Hunting is worth seeing, but not for the squeamish.

Korean with English Subtitles.


Project Wolf Hunting is One Crazy Ride (2023)Project Wolf Hunting , debuting on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD February 14,2023 from Well Go USA Entertainment. 

The film contains English subtitles, and there is an English Dub option plus special features.

review by Master Marc Zirogiannis



Seo In-guk (The Master’s Sun, Hello Monster),

Jang Dong-yoon (Search, Mr. Sunshine),
Choi Guy-hwa (Train to Busan, The Wailing),
Sung Dong-il (The Cursed, The Great Battle),
Park Ho-san (The Call, Prison Playbook)
Jung So-min (Alchemy of Souls)

DIRECTOR: Kim Hong-Sun

Run Time:          123 Minutes

Rating:               Not Rated- NOT Family Oriented

Country of Origin:    South Korea

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