BLEAV In Julio Cesar Carlos

BLEAV In Julio Cesar Carlos-PKA Worldwide

BLEAV In Julio Cesar Carlos
BLEAV In Julio Cesar Carlos

December 19, 2022 (NYC)- BLEAV In Julio Cesar Carlos.  Taekwondo Life Magazine’s Master Marc Zirogiannis had the opportunity to connect Julio and talk about his life, training, and this new milestone in his career. Julio Cesar Carlos is a fighter to watch. Is Julio the next Bill “Superfoot” Wallace? We will soon find out!

Julio Cesar Carlos becomes the first fighter to sign with PKA Worldwide as the legendary kickboxing organization is set to make its highly anticipated return. Carlos is a six-time world champion in taekwondo and the reigning New York state GAMMA champion.

Born in Queens, New York Carlos first began training at the age of four years old under the influence of his family. Now he is set to take center stage as the franchise fighter for this revamped Professional Kickboxing League.

PKA Worldwideis often regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern day MMA having introduced professional kickboxing with an “Americanized” style to the public in 1974. They’ve put on many events with large audiences broadcasted on major televised platforms such as ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN and SHOWTIME.

“I’m a flashy kicker trying to bring something new to the stage. That’s the thing about PKA, we’re looking for the best stand up strikers in the world. It’s a little different than what we see now and days. UFC MMA is big and all that but personally for me the way to figure out who the best martial artist is you have to look at the skill, the technique and the striking. That’s he cool thing about PKA… only striking, only stand up, you have to throw eight kicks above the belt each round and if you don’t you get penalized. So now we get to test out those things; the spins, turning kicks… all that old school thing that was kind of lost.” Carlos expressed.

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About PKA Worldwide

Once a staple of televised combat sports in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, and a precursor to today’s modern hybrid styles of fighting, PKA and its’ CEO Joe Corley are often credited as one of the founding fathers of modern-day MMA. Corley first introduced professional kickboxing to the public nearly 50 years ago with an “Americanized” style in which opponents are allowed to hit each other with punches and kicks above the waist. However, elbows, knees, clinch fighting and grappling are all forbidden.

Launched in 1974, the PKA went on to garner huge national audiences on ABC, CBS and NBC, and formed long-time broadcast partnerships with cable giants ESPN and SHOWTIME while producing over 1,000 hours of unforgettable televised action.

Now, PKA WORLDWIDE returns with the search for the sport’s greatest striker as they seek to crown new PKA WORLDWIDE World Champions.

Looking to Fight For PKA Worldwide?

PKA Worldwide is looking for talented fighters to join their exciting professional and historic Stand-up league.   They are conducting regional fight auditions.  Many of these fighters will come from the universe of Taekwondo practitioners.

Do you have what it takes to fight for PKA Worldwide:

For more information, please visit, follow on Facebook or social media @PKA_Worldwide (Twitter and Instagram).

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