Karnage MMA PPV Live in NYC-July 8

Karnage MMA PPV Live in NYC-July 8
Karnage MMA PPV Live in NYC-July 8

June 11, 2022 (NYC)-Karnage MMA PPV Live in NYC-July 8.

The Main Event: Venum Blacc v Fair Play

Under Cards:

Robert McElroy v. CPU

Kyle “The Viking” Jones v. Brian Tracy

Jarrel Coates V. Dwight Cephas

Korey Kenderr V. Kenny Fuego Bristow

Welter Weights and Light HeavyWeight Bouts.

Date:  July 8, 2022

Place: NYC-353 West Street, NY, NY 10014*

Details:  Once tickets are bought we will send a code 48 hours prior to the event so they can watch the PPV on talentostarz.com They are 3 prices, 1. PPV which is $35.00 Live event is $65.00 and VIP which we only have 20 tickets for that but you can bring 4 guests with you, which is $500.00

To buy tickets to see this LIVE (NYC), or on PayPerView:


This is an exciting night of MMA LIVE from NYC.  Whether you are being this live, or on Pay Per View on TalentoStarz, you are in for an exciting evening of fighting.

Look out for our full coverage on the matches in our post event breakdown of the evening’s matches.

*Live Event shall take place at Sailing Sunset, NYC

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