Taekwondo Life Magazine Joins Bleav

Taekwondo Life Magazine Joins The Bleav Podcast

Taekwondo Life Magazine Joins Bleav
Taekwondo Life Magazine Joins Bleav

December 15, 2020 (Levittown, NY)- Taekwondo Life Magazine has been the #1 Independent podcast for Taekwondo practitioners and enthusiasts since 2019.   Now after the release of 100 episodes and explosive, international growth Taekwondo Life Magazine is proud to take the next stage on its journey to be the #1 podcast in the world.  We are proud to announce, effective December 10, 2020, we have joined the Bleav Podcast Network.

BLEAV-logoThe Bleav Podcast Network, (pronounced believe) is the #1 network for professionals, specializes in topic-based podcasts. Bleav has over 350 Podcasts hosted by professional athletes and topic experts. Within sports, Bleav uniquely provides team and sport fanbases with professional athletes as hosts. In addition to our sports show, Bleav creates highly engaging national and local podcasts with topic experts in multiple categories such as business, health, pop culture, fitness, family, film, esports, law, music, self-help, and more.

Taekwondo Life Magazine’s host and 3rd Dan Black belt, Marc Zirogiannis, had this to say on the announcement “To our current listeners, you can look forward to a continuation of the same high quality programming, Taekwondo news, martial arts movie reviews, Olympic coverage, Taekwondo in MMA, and much more.   Our partnership with Bleav will improve our access to guests, audio technology, podcast networks and more.   This is a historic day in the history of Taekwondo Life Magazine.”

Bleav podcasts are available to be downloaded or streamed on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, Luminary, Tunein, iHeart, Pandora and more. For supplementary information on hosts, podcasts, and Bleav, please visit @Bleavpodcasts or www.Bleav.com. #DoYouBleav!?

To Hear The Audio Announcement (Episode 98):

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  1. Sir, Thank you sir for all you do for all of us. Thankyou for your dedication, willingness, desire to put forth information of multi interests related to the martial arts and ‘way’ of life, sir.

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