Rising Star Gabriella Corvina

Gabriella Corvina Kick
Gabriella Corvina Kick

Rising star, Gabriella Corvina, is a Martial Artist and Actress known for her Martial Arts and Action Films. She has over 17 years of martial arts experience, including Boxing, Kick-Boxing, American Kenpo Karate, Filipino Arnis, and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. 

She came to the attention of Taekwondo Life Magazine when she showcased her fighting skills in an Oikos Yogurt Commercial, of all places.  She has appeared with prior guest, Thekla Hutyrova, in a number of videos, including some high end action and stunt videos. 

Corvina is among the rising stars of female martial arts action stars producing, directing, fight choreographing, and starring in exciting content on her way to stardom. Her independent, short, action film, Butterfly, is well worth watching.  It is among the great content you can find on her social media and YouTube channels.

She sat down (virtually) with Marc Zirogiannis to discuss her training, her life and her plans for super-stardom. Speaking from her home, in Texas, she gave some insight into training and planning during the Global Pandemic for her re-emergence into the post-COVID world. (October 20, 2020-NYC)

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Gabriella Corvina

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  1. She is very very good!! I love her short videos. Gabriella u are drop dead gorgeous too!! Is theyre anyway I can get a autograph photo of u?

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