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Seized (2020)-Movie Review

Seized Poster
Seized Poster

Seized (2020) marks the reunion of martial arts action star, Scott Adkins, and film Director, Isaac Florentine.   The two have previously collaborated on several successful projects, including several of the Boyka films, Ninja 2, and Close Range in 2015.

Seized brings not only the familiarity of the star and Director but also of the script.   The story surrounds the kidnapping of Adkins’ son in order to draft him into the service of a Drug Cartel.  In his quest to save his son, Adkins must go on a series of missions and utilize his unique set of fighting and weapons skills.   This plot sets the stage for numerous action and martial arts fight scenes, where Adkins gets to display his signature brand of fighting proficiency and “close to the vest” demeanor.

While the film does not have the gravitas and complexity of such other Adkins films as Legacy of Lies, or the Debt Collector films, it is enjoyable to watch.  Adkins is a unique screen presence, who consistently provides solid screen performances and compelling action in his roles.   

Mario Van Peebles is fun to watch as the Cartel head.  The supporting cast is effective at keeping the film moving at a rapid pace.

Relative newcomer, Matthew Garbacz, does a good job in a role that serves as the veiled conscience of the film.

Seized (2020) is available on DVD and streaming services on October 13, 2020.

Review by Marc Zirogiannis

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