Welcome to Sudden Death

Michael Jai White’s Sudden Death

Welcome to Sudden Death
Welcome To Sudden Death

September 29, 2020 (NYC)Michael Jai White’sWelcome to Sudden Death” is a low budget, reimagining of the 1990’s Jean-Claude Van Damme film of similar title.  This comedic-action film released this week on Netflix, DVD, and other streaming services.   

While our request for a screening copy of the film was ignored it did not impact my impression of the film.   The movie is a fun, fast paced action film with a simple, and familiar, story.   Highly skilled, overqualified, security guard, White, is forced into a mission to single-handedly save his family and an arena of innocent basketball fans.  The heart of the film is Jai White’s charisma, likability, and Taekwondo founded fighting skills. 

I enjoyed the fight scenes very much in this one.

While I would not consider the film one of “The Black Dragon’s” best, it is a highly watchable martial arts, action thriller.   For film buffs, it pays homage to Van Damme’s Sudden Death, Bruce Willis’ Die Hard films, as well as John Frankenheimer’s, Black Sunday.

R – for some bloody violence, and language

-by Marc Zirogiannis


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