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Talking Chuck Norris’ Kickstart Kids

September 21, 2020 (Houston, TX)- Kickstart Kids is a martial arts character development program non-profit organization, formed by Chuck Norris on August 16, 1990 as the Kick Drugs Out of America Foundation.  In 1992, with the help of former President George H.W. Bush, the program was officially implemented in four schools in the Houston area: Burbank, Central, Hamilton, and Hogg. 

Today, the program operates in over 60 schools throughout Texas. The program is taught in mostly middle/junior high schools and some high schools. They currently serve approximately 10,000 of today’s youth, making a positive impact in their lives by teaching character through karate.  The stated mission of Kickstart Kids is to teach character through karate to empower youth with core values, such as discipline and respect, to achieve their greatest potential. 

Marc Zirogiannis talks with Martial Arts Master and  Chief Director of Operations, John Kurek, about the organization, its structure, its mission, and its future.  The audio component of the episode is available everywhere podcasts are heard. 

Chuck Norris’ Kickstart kids has been a successful prototype for the potential value of partnerships between public schools and the martial arts.

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