The Taekwondo Hall of Fame featuring 9th Dan Gerard Robbins

TKDLIFE-President - Founder GM Gerard Robbins
GM Gerard Robbins of The Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Master Yeon Hee Park
1972-J Chang, GM DK Park and GM Yeon Hee Park. The Pennsylvania TKD Championships

March 31, 2019On March 31st our Editor-in-Chief had the honor to interview 9th Dan, Gerard Robbins, the CEO and founder of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame for its Podcast, Taekwondo Life Magazine Live.  

During the conversation the two martial artists discussed Mr. Robbins’ illustrious sparring career, the history of taekwondo, his training under Grandmaster Dong Keung Park, Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park, and the formation and current state of affairs at The Taekwondo Hall of Fame.

Mr. Robbins has become a modern historian of the world’s most practiced martial art and has gone from world class competitor to respected Taekwondo dignitary.  

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