The Passing of Great Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park

Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park (L) and Grandmaster Yeon Hwan Park

Nina Park- At midnight on Friday, March 22nd 2019, my beloved uncle (큰 아빠), Yeon Hee Park was called unto the Lord. He quietly departed in his sleep at his New Jersey home surrounded by his family and loved ones. He was and will always be remembered as a beloved son, brother, father, friend, teacher, mentor, Olympic Taekwondo Pioneer, and Philanthropist.

Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park dedicated his life making modern Taekwondo what it is today. He is a legend amongst his peers and in the world Taekwondo community – and will be remembered as one of the greatest Taekwondo Champions and Grandmasters of all-time. His legacy is carried on by his two children; Jessica and Andrew Park, his younger brother Yeon Hwan Park, and his niece and nephews Nina, Edward, and Elliott Park.

My uncle, Yeon Hee Park was a kind soul. When he was but a boy, he gave up meat after looking into the eyes of a cow that was on the slaughter line. He noticed the tears streaming down its face and realized it had a soul. He vowed never to eat meat again. And he never did.

Yeon Hee Park will never be forgotten. His influence on our family was immense. And the loss of his physical presence will be felt throughout our days. As his niece, I am heartbroken and grief-stricken. I close my eyes and can imagine his kind smile and his warm hugs. I would always give him a big kiss on the cheek. I miss him so much already. May God bless his soul and let him rest peacefully. He will be greatly missed.

For those who would like to pay their respects, please join our family in bidding our beloved farewell.
Wake: 5:00PM Sunday, March 24th
Funeral: 10:00AM Monday, March 25th

All flowers and sympathies can be sent here:
809 Broad Ave, Ridgefield, NJ 07657
Tel: (201) 945-2009

Any questions or queries please contact:
Yeon Hwan Park
Tel: (516) 652-5806

Photo taken circa 1970’s of The YH Park Brothers at their TKD school in Long Island, New York.

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At midnight on Friday, March 22nd 2019, my beloved uncle (큰 아빠), Yeon Hee Park was called unto the Lord. He quietly…

Posted by Nina Park on Friday, March 22, 2019

5 thoughts on “The Passing of Great Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park

  1. my sincerest condolences for the family; during these times that of our future past is glorified with love from all those Grand Master Yeon Hee Park ‘lives’ and hearts were touched with values only life’s lessons bring to us. As each of us leans towards another life to come, we look back at those who passed before realizing all the wonder-filled lessons given to others in their hearts… Rest well Grand Master, for now, your spirit embraces the love of God and all the heavenly angels before you, sir. Thank you for all you have contributed with heart and sacrifice the tenants you have taught and lived-by from Tae Kwon Do, Ji Do Kwan and more importantly, just being “you”. Bows and Respects.

  2. Rest Well Master. I studied briefly under your great tutelage from 1974-75 in East Meadow. I loved every minute.

  3. My sincerest condolences to the Park family.

    With the guidance and tutelage of YH Park, It was possible to receive my black the Florham Park, NJ dojang. Taekwondo opened a new chapter in my life and provides me with strength to this day. The workouts and memories will never be forgotten at YH Park Taekwondo, as well as our class trip to Korea.

    May you have eternal peace Grand Master Park.

  4. Grandmaster Park first had a school in Brooklyn and the greatness of who he is was not given proper recognition. One summer night no one else showed up for class. Being a true master, only i and he ran the full class giving all he had to just one, me. His dedicatioin and absolute classy gentleman should be better known. My thanks for you Grand Master hope to meet again in another plane

  5. I was a student of Grandmaster Park when he had a school in Brooklyn. Not a great location as it was in a business district. To have the teaching of such an advanced Master sometimes with few students only was beyond what one could expect. I was sad when he relocated to Long Island, but such a Master belongs to a bigger world.
    To his family, know he is a great soul who made a difference in many lives

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