Update on Martial Art Sales Tax in Washington State

November 17, 2017-
This is an update from an important industry story we ran in our May/June 2016 Issue of Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine

Update on Martial Art Sales Tax in Washington State

Washington State Martial Arts School Owners

NOV 18, 2016 — This week we are finalizing our proposed rewrite to the law that imposed Sales Tax on Martial Art Schools.  

We are trying to get our legislation at the front of the line for consideration because this legislative session will have lots of fighting over budget and schools.  

Through the Summer our lobbyists met with many, many legislators and they consistently are in support of our changes.

It looks like we really have a shot to repeal this terrible law.

The Tough Spot: We won’t be able to pay our lobbyists past November if we don’t raise additional funds. We need approximately $14,000 more to have them help us through March, 2017.

So Consider Donating To Our Cause, Especially if you are a Martial Arts Practitioner. Why?……

Because right now each Martial Art student is donating to the State $50 – $150 per year. Consider donating $10.

Because as a Martial Arts Instructor you probably lose at least (AT LEAST) 1 student you would normally have. So you are donating to the State $600 – $1800 per year in lost revenue. So Consider donating $100 to our cause.

Because Martial Arts Associations are losing their clubs and schools. If you lose just one small school of 10 students, the lost revenue is $6,000 – $12,000 each year, because you are donating it to the State. Consider donating $500 to our cause.

Donate Here!

Thanks for Your Support,
Together we can repeal this law and make everyone’s life better!

Washington State Martial Arts Association


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