TV’s John Kerwin Joins Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine

June 13, 2016-


It is with great excitement that Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine announces that Talk Show host and television personality, John Kerwin, has joined the staff as a Celebrity contributing writer.  John is not only a television personality; he is also a Kukkiwon certified 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.   

Last year, Marc Zirogiannis, Editor of Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine, had the opportunity to interview John for another martial arts publication.   In an article entitled, “John Kerwin-Late Night Black Belt” Marc explored John’s journey in Taekwondo as well as his interest and expertise in the martial arts and cinema.  The article explored the impact of John’s interview with, the late, David Carradine, on John’s decision to continue his pursuit of a black belt.  John is a dynamic, intelligent, and thought provoking personality.

Look for John’s column, “Kick It With Kerwin” in the upcoming issue of Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine.

You can follow The John Kerwin Show @johnkerwinlive and at


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