Movie Review: I Can, I Will, I Did


Levittown, NY (September 13, 2018) –  

“Bullied  into an accident that leaves him near death, depressed foster teen Ben’s recovery process is slow, until he meets Taekwondo Master Kang, who not only coaches him back up on his feet, but also inspires and teaches him how to take charge of his own life.”

Venturing into the production of a martial arts film that doesn’t fall into the action genre is a risky undertaking.  Compound that risk by producing a martial arts film that tells the story of a bullied, orphaned youth and his Taekwondo Master, without being compared to “The Karate Kid”.  To make the risk exponential, eliminate any “bad guys”, “Rival Dojangs”, or over the top caricatures.   The foundation has all the elements, if handled improperly, to turn the film into a campy, martial arts cliche’.  Not “I Can, I Will, I Did“.  This film is very powerful and enjoyable.

This independent film, now available from Random Media and 408 Films, and Directed by Nadine Truong, tells the powerful story of a bullied, orphaned boy’s (Mike Faist) struggle to overcome a tragic accident and his friendship with a sage Taekwondo Master (Grandmaster Ik Jo Kang). 

The film’s characters and plot are moving and realistic.   Taekwondo is portrayed in a very tangible and realistic way as more than just kicking and punching.  The use of Taekwondo, and the wisdom of a traditional Taekwondo master, as the vehicle to transform the physical and personal character of the film’s star is inspiring and personally meaningful to anyone that has experienced its transformative powers in their own life.

One of things that I loved about the film, without giving anything away, is that there is no portrayal of Taekwondo as a magic wand to instantly transform one’s life.  Similarly, it adeptly memorializes that a path to a goal, whether that goal is recovery, earning a black belt, or other achievement is not always a linear path.  Like life, the road to a goal can be difficult and treacherous.   The value of Taekwondo, as highlighted by the film, is that it provides the foundation, the reinforcement and the roadmap to overcoming adversity inside and out of the Dojang.

I highly recommend this film.   It would be a great Dojang “Movie Night” film to watch and discuss asa group-especially for the teen age Taekwondo students.


I Can I Will I Did – Trailer from Random Media on Vimeo.


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