Taekwondo Is Not Karate (from March 2018)

July 2018TKDnotKarate

2 thoughts on “Taekwondo Is Not Karate (from March 2018)

  1. With all due respect, while I am with you 100% on your sentiment, we will never win debates when we offer inaccurate counters! TKD is NOT 2,000 years old. That is a made up myth created for partisan and nationalist reasons! SeungMan Rhee was NOT a TKD Pioneer, but rather the 1st ROK President installed by the USA to help their interests in south Korea. I also don’t know who you mean by Duk Sung? Maybe you mean the late GM Son Duk-Sung, the 2nd Chung Do KwanJang.

  2. I must agree with Mr. Vitale. In the internet age, it has become common knowledge that the founders of the original nine quans all studied either Shotokan, Shudokan, or Shito-Ryu Karate, with some Chinese Gung Fu mixed in with two of those founders, and very little Taekyon . Taekwondo has evolved into its own art at this point, however, just like Japanese Karate-do evolved into a separeate, more linear form than its Okinawan counterpart, and Okinawan Karate-do evolved into its own thing, separate from its predecessor art Chines White Crane Gung Fu.

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