Greetings from the New Chairman of Taekwondowon

Greetings from the New Chairman of Taekwondowon

Chairman Lee Sang-wook (r) with Grandmaster YH Park

Taekwondo originated in Korea and has become Korea’s representative cultural asset and also a popular martial art that people enjoy all around the world.

Taekwondo Promotion Foundation(TPF) was established to nurture, promote and develop the traditional martial art in hopes that more people could experience and train the sport beyond gender, race or religion.

Taekwondo’s rapid growth was made through the unwavering efforts of first-generation grand masters who had endured many hardships abroad, and the adoption as a regular event of Summer Olympic Games.

To ensure the bright future of Taekwondo, TPF will vigorously participate in the development of ten specific policy items and cooperate with the Korean government as well as Taekwondo organizations.

Expanding support programs for countries with fewer Taekwondo practitioners, TPF also works to promote the sport internationally and engages in more energetic diplomatic activities to maintain it as a regular Olympic event.

Taekwondowon, “The Sacred Land of Taekwondo”, which is administered by TPF, develops and operates training programs and athlete camps, and TPF implements missions for the progress of the sport following fair and transparent procedures.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude for all Taekwondo families, and sincerely appreciate your passion and love. Thank you.

Lee Sang-wook


Taekwondo Promotion Foundation


Chairperson’s Profile


Name: Lee Sang-wook (李相郁)

□ Educational background

◦ B.A. in German Language and Literature, Yonsei University

□ Professional background

◦ Standing advisor of the Korean Association for Eurasian Studies (2013 – present)

◦ Marketing chairman of the Asian Taekwondo Union (ATU) (2010 – 2015)

◦ Founding vice president of the Central Asia Taekwondo Union (CATU) (2009 – 2012)

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