The September 2016 Issue is Now Available Everywhere!

August 31, 2016


The September 2016 Issue of Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine is now available in print and digitally.

Our 2nd International Issue Featuring:

-The Triumph of Master Kyoung Jin Oh
-Kick it with Kerwin- John Kerwin interviews Michael Jai White
-The Age of McFierce (Paige McPherson Interview)
-Chung Do Kwan- The 1st Kwan
-Taekwondo Spirit ups Globalization
-The Games That Changed The World
-2016 USA National Championships
-Developing a Killer Roundhouse Kick
-Picking the Right Self Defense Instructor
-What Can Martial Arts teach Us About Acupuncture
-NCAA Taekwondo? Who Cares…
-Do You Use Korean Terminology in Your Dojang?
-The Meaning of Taeguk
-Is My Child Too Young to Start Taekwondo?
-Grandmaster Herb Perez-Modern Renaissance Man
-From Tournaments to Television
-Master Kim Bok-Man Honored
-Taekwondowon: A Two Year Look
-What is the Most Influential Taekwondo Book of All Time


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  1. My name is Grandmaster Doug Cook, 7th Dan Kukkiwon. I am owner of the CHOSUN TAEKWONDO ACADEMY located in Warwick, NY, a senior student of the late Grandmaster Richard Chun,and president of the UNITED STATES TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION. I have written four best-selling books on taekwondo (see Amazon), and have been a monthly columnist for both TaeKwonDo Times and Totally TaeKwonDo magazines for over 20 years. I write often for Black Belt magazine as well. Please tell me how I can contribute to your magazine.

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