TKD’s Alex Nicholson Loses in Split Decision in PFL3


Alex Nicholson Defeated by Decision in PFL 3

PFL LogoJune 6, 2019– Despite an energized performance in 3 rounds of fighting on Long Island, NY by Taekwondo Black Belt and MMA fighter, Alex Nicholson, the judges awarded the victory to Nicholson’s opponent, Francimar Barroso in a split decision.

Taekwondo Life Magazine was ringside to witness Nicholson deliver some signature Taekwondo kicks,  including a back-kick, and a spinning back hook kick to Barroso’s head, rarely seen in professional Mixed Martial Arts competition, in his 3 round battle.

While Barroso never seemed to deliver any significant blows to Nicholson in the match, or manage to cause Nicholson to tap out, it seems the judges were influenced by Barroso’s severe tiring of Nicholson with ground techniques for key segments of the fight.

Taekwondo Life’s scorecard, without any bias in favor the Taekwondo fighter, scored Nicholson as the decisive victor in the fight.

The evening of Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight bouts continues to solidify Professional Fighter’s League’s place in the Combat Sports Arena.






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